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    Anyone know of good Database software ?

    I know of HandBase but it may be too much for what I want + it's 30 big ones.
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    I use Smartlist ( which I think is great. Others I've tried are JFile, also good. The are many more depending on what you intend to use it for...
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    I use JFile and it's very good

    also syncs with Mac OSX in case you are a mac man
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    I really like Smartlist....been using it since it was called ThinkingBytes, or something like that. It comes with a desktop application so you can view/edit on your computer.
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    i've got a lil program called list .. it's very basic, but works great to keep track of my cd-collection.
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    You might also want to try ListPro from Ilium software. Unfortunately it is not cheap either but it combines basic database functionality with outlining capability, something the other database can't do. Their website is I use ListPro as well as their eWallet software for passwords, etc. Also, their Pro versions of each have a Windows component as well which synchs to the Palm.

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