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    I've had more drop outs and dropped connections, times when I couldn't connect. Times when the phone would lock up trying to make a call -- all of the aboove since the upgrade. Anyone else?
    Henry L lazarus
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    Yes I have noticed all of those plus it takes longer to connect especially if you are roaming.
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    Search this forum for "Network Search". There has been a lot of discussion about a possible battery issue that is the underlying cause.

    My Treo was just beginning to exhibit that behavior when I did the ROM update.

    After the update I had near constant issues with only 1 or 2 reception bars.

    However, if I pluged the phone into the charger the problems went away (even if the phone was at full charge).

    I suspect that the "more robust reception handling" that's part of the update is to blame.

    Read the huge thread on the "Network Search" issue, get your phone tested and replaced.

    My replacement phone works just fine.

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