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    My question to you all is this: Will the information that I input into my Treo delete if the battery is dead for a long period of time??

    My vehicle was broken into, and my laptop was stolen. Well, in my laptop bag was my charger and hotsync cable. My phone has been dead for a few days now waiting on a new charger I ordered.

    I'm really hoping that I don't lose all my info, as it was only backed up on that laptop which is now MIA.

    This brings up a small detail of the Treo that I felt was missing. "COPY TO SIM" why can't I copy my contacts onto my SIM card like my other phones could. This is frustrating. Other than that small detail, I feel naked without my Treo, I love the darn thing.
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    I doubt that your files will still be there, but hey, get some power and see.

    But if you did not back up to a sd card and your backup files were on the laptop stolen, you are pretty much out of luck. Check Ebay and get another charger and hotsync cable to save yourself some money, if you can wait. Otherwise a Sprint store is your best bet but the cable runs $49, ask me how do I know. LOL, I sold my second replacement T600 and included the cable.
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