Hey there all,

Been a long time since I have been here, used to be a 300 owner, went to blackberry, and now switching over to a Treo 600. Got my 600 on tuesday. Love this thing so far. Form factor is great. We went with Goodlink to provide Wireless sync of Exchange. Anyway I have a few questions...

1) Camera - I know it's crap but might just come in handy on a few occassions. When I snap a pic, and hit send the treo defaults to the built in e-mail app ( Which, since I am using Goodlink, is not even configured... ) So is there a way to send these pics via my Goodlink mail program?

2) Ringtones - Before we had Goodlink installed I was using Visto (Trial Version ) to forward my mail. I sent a few ringtones (.Mid) and they went into my ringtones list great. Since then I had done a hard reset and am now using Goodlink. When I e-mail the ringtone to my phone Via Goodlink, it puts it on the SD card or somewhere else on the phone, but I can't select it from the Ringtones list??? Help.

3) File Explorer - Are there Apps out there that allow you into the File system of the Treo. I would be able to copy a ringtone from my SD card, and out it into the correct area on the handheld, etc...???

4) Is there a way to get the Ringtone to ring through the earphone? Driving in the car I have this thing in my ear, and I'm missing rings due to the radio being up to high... ( I plan to purchase the hardwired Car Kit, which will mute the audio but in the meantime)...???