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    Hello. I just got my Treo 600 2 days ago. Everything works well on it, I really like it so far. I installed the firmware update yesterday. I do not know if this problem existed before installing the update, as I didn't use the feature.

    Anyway, on to my problem:

    I press the email/messaging button on the keypad, next to the screen on/off button.
    I select New
    I select the Down arrow next to To and choose Lookup in Contacts
    I tap a phone number and bam, the Palm restarts

    This doesn't happen every time, but about 90% of the time it does. I have performed a soft and hard reset. The only other software installed is PocketTunes.

    Note that before I did a hard reset and reinstalled from scratch, selecting the game Klondike did the same thing, reset the palm. Since the hard reset Klondike works fine, but selecting the phone number using the steps above still resets.

    Any suggestions?
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    I have always had this bug, before the upgrade and still now, I have seen a few others with the same problem and unfortunately have not been able to find a solution, talking to Palm support got me no-where.....

    What I do to avoid this is go into phone then contacts, choose the contact and click the 'message' button, this will not reset the unit.... sorry couldn't help you more....
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    I've never seen this problem. I wonder what hardware revision y'all have. Mine's a B.
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    This problem is very likely a software problem, likely a conflict between two pieces of software that work well enough separately but not together (If one reads the revision history of Palm OS apps, you will see the developers responding to such conflicts.) Try removing the last appl that you added. (Yes, I know that many of us do not know what appl that was; there is value to keeping a change log.)

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