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    new to this app. have seen it but never used it. curious now. would someone please outline what takephone can do? how does it make the use of the phone feature more intuitive?

    thanks in advance!
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    The program has really grown on me. It has much smarter search capabilities than the built-in contact program and a much cleaner and more configurable interface. Also, the author (Shimon) is one of the most hard working guys you'll ever meet and so the support is fantastic. Every time I've emailed Shimon a day later he has incorporated my suggestion or solved the bug.

    I also really like the intuitive way you dial phone calls with the app. Once you punch in a number you can, with a single right click, add the number to your address book, make a call, send an SMS and do other things as well. (It's a little like Slap! for phone numbers.) So when someone gives me a number to call, I can type it into a single place a single time and then perform 20 different operations on it.
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    thankyou rosenft interesting app! think i will give it a try

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