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    My wife came home with a PalmTungsten E to replace her Handspring Prism which we have been syncing along with my Treo 600. We sync both our usernames to Outlook with Chapura Pocketmirror Pro and use backupbuddy.

    Am I going to screw things up royal if I use the install disk that came with the Tungsten?
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    Exact same situation in our home. Only problem was that Treo pictures wouldn't sync. anymore. There is a dll file and a shortcut (cannot remember exact names) that you will need to move from your old Palm folder (which you will save/backup, right?!) into the new one. Since I did that, all is well.

    From years of a multiple-Palm household, one principle I have learned is never to do an install of an older version of Palm DT after a newer one. Despite that knowledge, I tried that (Tungsten E then T600), and it was a disaster...
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    Same issue here!

    I used a Tungsten E, handed it to my wife and upgraded to a Treo 600.

    Tungsten E DT software have severe conflicts with Treo 600 DT software. It seems the Tungsten E Desktop is more recent than the Treo software. One will eventually override the other and mess up your Treo's data during HotSync.

    I have one software runninfg in a Laptop and the Treo's DT running on my desktop and now everybody is happy!
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    I have the treo and my wife uses the tungsten E and we both sync to the same pc under different names and no problems at all.

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    I'm using a Treo 600 and a Tungsten E, both sync to the PDS that came with the TE, which is 4.1.2. Works fine, except that i can't view the pics on my Treo on the PDS. But if your planning to sync both to outlook, I recommend you dont use Palm Outlook Conduits, continue using Pocketmirror for both device instead.
    Just curious, are both your data on Outlook? do you and your wife have diff log ins on your PC?If yes, then there should be no problem.

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