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    Hi guys,

    I came accross this forum about two month ago when I was doing a search for the Motorola MPx200. Well I am glad to say I did not buy MPx200, and these forums convinced me to buy a Treo 600.

    My Treo will finally be comming in this week after a very long wait. I decided to go with the T-Mobile's service (its not too late for me to cnacel what do you guys think)? T-Mobile and NexTel seem to be the only providers that work at my office and T-Mobile works great at my house. AT&T works pretty decent, but not at all at my office. I have no coverage with Sprint at my house. In addition, a reasonable data plan was important. I figure with the Treo I will be using data services much more and AT&T's plans just seem too expensive. For some flexibility I decided to get an unlocked unbranded version.
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    I have been using T-Mo for almost 2 years. I also use the T600 and it just rocks !!! T-Mo definitely has the best data plans.

    Good Luck !!

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    Cingular has an all you can eat plan now too. Sprint's is the best plan for speed of data and all you an eat for $10/mo. But Sprint is no good for overseas use (they rent GSM handsets and forward your number if you travel).
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    I've been GSM since the Aerial Communications days (pre-VoiceStream) so you can guess that I'm not going to push you away from T-Mo.
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    I must be the one unlucky guy in the bunch.

    I used T-Mo for about 6 months before I dumped them. Generally lousy coverage for me, lots of dropped calls. I tried several different phones and decided that they just weren't right for me. I've gone back to Sprint PCS and I'm quite happy. I don't travel to Europe so that's not an issue for me.

    At some point, I think the GSM technology will mature in the USA, but I personally don't believe it's there yet, based on my experiences with T-mo thus far.

    I likes me my Treo and Sprint.
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    It really just depends on where you live/work.

    I tried T-Mobile. I could barely get one bar of signal at my home and almost never could get GPRS.

    Sprint on the other hand gives me a full signal almost everywhere I go. I'd rather have T-Mobile so I could own more phones and just swap the SIM card back and forth. I'd certainly have a Moto v600 by now but it doesn't make sense for me to have it when it's un-usable.
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    I too believe. I have been a T-Mobile subscriber for five phones now (three Nokias and two Treos.) For much of that time I have also been a Sprint subscriber. I travel the US and the world and I can tell you that both carriers provide good technology and good coverage in the US. In the US each has a few dead spots that are covered by the other. Through the GSM agreement, T-Mobile provides good coverage in most of the world. Sprint has provided me with a GSM chip that permits me to use GSM phones with my Sprint number and account when traveling outside the US with a GSM phone (but not with a Treo 600 CDMA).

    I confess to liking the idea of CDMA a little better than the reality. I am a world traveler and I am uncomfortable when I am out of service; I like the reality of GSM a little better than the idea. I am a great believer in the SIM chip and the ability to move my number and personalization from one phone to another and back again. For that reason I will likely not return to CDMA until and unless it offers a SIM.

    One of my Nokias is on its way to France with a student. He will buy an Orange chip from a news stand when he gets to France and he will be in business.

    However, the reason that I am responding to this thread is for the opportunity to say how pleased I am with the battery life of my Treo 600 GSM. I admit that I have a number of chargers with me most of the time. However, I bought them when I was a Treo 270 user and really needed them. I am glad that there is an external battery for the Treo but I do not own one and do not miss it. This is only the second phone that I have had where I did not have to ration battery life (the other was my Nokia 8890) and the only PDA.
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    I guess it depends on a lot of factors.

    I live in South Florida and travel within the United States occasionally.

    I have used Sprint since 1997 and am VERY SATISFIED overall. Their customer service (over the telephone) has always remidied any problems that may come up.

    I have a $100 plan (after the 5% loyalty monthly rebate) that includes 2000 ANYTIME minutes, UNLIMITED nights/weekends, UNLIMITED Sprint-to-Sprint phones (great to call my wife), UNLIMITED data, and SHARE 3 phones. This plan works perfect for me.

    Also of importance, the quality and reliability of the service is EXCELLENT!
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    with T-Mo for about 4 years. Their CS is poor (but who's isn't). It is generally a good plan for voice and data......

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