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    Hi guys,

    The Treo 600 already comes with an e-mail program. However I have seen many people talk about different mail programs. What is the difference between these and the limitiations the Treo 600 client has?
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    It is a matter of preference.

    Some users want the "in your face" type of email popup delivery. Others survive with just the Treo 600 supplied one. Others prefer close integration between being able to view and update attachments, etc. Size and content of email for others. Multiple mailbox on others.

    Read through the discussions, you will get the idea.
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    The inbuilt e-mail program on my treo has bugs in it. You delete emails and they stay in the email_lib file even after I remove them from the deleted folder. I periodically have to delete my email_lib file to free up space and then restore my email settings.
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    I forgot to mention there's an on going thread about the problems with the in built email software.

    And if you are going to delete your email_lib file, back up settings and important emails first.
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    Try PURGING, they will go away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shneor
    Try PURGING, they will go away.
    I am sorry but my experience with purging will not make the file Email_Libr_HsMp_Bc any smaller. It continues to grow as you send more jpg's until your Treo runs out of memory (can't believe Palmone didn't fix it in FW 1.20). I hope you can prove me wrong by showing me a purging procedure that works, i.e. try your procedure first then post it here. I as well as others here are waiting.
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    Purging doesn't help me with the email_libr continual growth
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    Try going to the DELETED section of your mail client. It will house upto 200 messages, I cleared mine up, and now I have space.
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    Even if I delete items in the deleted section or use the purge command I still have the problem of growing email_libr file. Deleting the file with filez seems to be my only cure
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    Slartibartfast - confirmed. It's a known issue where the email database file grows and grows when you send outbound email. Deleting is the cure, but you have to recreate your email account settings.
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    I'm content with the mail applet that comes with Treo. I was concerned most about attachments, but I found that it integrates perfectly with Docs to Go for *.doc attachments, which was my primary concern.

    Seems to work just fine to me, and I have yet to see anything Snappermail does that I want to justify the extra $40.
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