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    I had some spare time last night -- wife was watching American Blunder, err, Idol so I made a few skins to pass the time -- just for fun.

    If you want them, you can have them...

    1: GamblerRed: Red Bicycle Playing Cards and Poker Chips.
    2: GamblerBlue: Blue Bicycle Playing Cards and Poker Chips.
    3: BMWMini: Uses the BMW logo.
    4: AppleStudio: Apple Studio Theme.
    5: TP: Toilet Paper theme ... Stupid, but free. What can I say ... I was BORED!

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    unable to install, file does not exist
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    any newer splashes or skins...?

    these skins are for treo 600
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    There are some nice ones for the 680 but they wont work on the 755p. I liked a Razr themed one from the site.

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