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    The AOL that PalmOne sells for palm devices (not recommended for Treo600, but I understand it works) How does that differ in how it handles email and IM compared to what is already available via the AOL Portal which is free?

    Can anyone help?

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    I use AOL for Palm, v3.1 build 009 and it works just fine on my SPCS T6. This program does not access AOL through the AOL portal. Rather, its like a mini AOL program right on the T6. I sign directly into AOL via my Vision connection and from there I can send/receive mail and use my AOL buddy list. Again, this version of AOL for Palm works fine on my T6, although it does not have 5 way navigator support.

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    Works fine for me

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    thanks guys!
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    I was very excited to see "AOL 3.2.1 for Treo 600" released last week. I tried it and was disappointed to see the 5-way Nav button is still not supported. If they could get that to work, it would be pretty slick for Instant Messaging. As far as I can tell, the IM portion is no different than AIM 1.2 for Palm.
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    have they cleared up the problem that used to make the Palm go into a hard reset? that was a mess - if so I d like to get this program as I use IM via SMS all the time and that is really handy to see who is on - Does this run over SMS or require a persistent connection?
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    I downloaded the program tonight. It half works with the navigation button, but works as advertised for email, buddy list and IM's. For me it is what I needed

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    I just signed up with aol, so I'm not sure it's for me just yet. Consequently, I was interested in trying out aol for the treo 600, but there doesn't appear to be a demo download. Does anyone know if there is a demo, and if so, where?
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    AOL for Palm unfortunatley cannot be downloaded as a demo. You have to purchase it. It's not right but that's AOL for ya!
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    sigh. thanks for the quick response. do you have it? is it worth the investment? I mean, I have verichat which can sign me on to aol im, but are there extra features in the aol download?
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    Has anyone used AOL on the Treo along with Goodlink?

    Also there was a thread started here about being disconnected when receiving a phone call, has anyone else experienced it?
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    I have a new Treo 600 and have AOL 3.0 and 3.1, as well as VeriChat. If one of you 3.2.1 owners would be willing to share, I'd love to demo a 3.2.1 before spending yet another $20. I only bought AOL 3.0 a few months ago and almost immediately it had issues, and AOL was unwilling to support 3.0 as soon as 3.1 was released. My e-mail address is Thanks.
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    Received this in response to my email to AOL

    The AOL 3.2.1 for Treo 600 should support the 5-way nav button, but from what I am seeing at this time, it is not working as designed. I have escalated this to a software developer for further asssitance. Will let you know when I get a response.


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    Don't know how quickly they'll figure it out though
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