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    I searched on Treocentral and usenet and could not find any posts about this problem I am experiencing:

    Every once in a while, my T600 will just power on by itself. Sometimes it's on the dash of my car and the screen will just light up like I pressed the power button (which didn't happen of course). Sometimes it's in my pocket and I take it out and it's already on. The other night, it was plugged in and just turned on at 3am for no reason. Sometimes it's mid-call, when the screen has already turned off, and the screen will just light up again.

    My T600 is Sprint, version 1.20-SPR, PRL 10023 (not that it probably matters). I'm also running Treo Butler and Phone Guard.

    Anyone have similar experiences or ideas about a cause/fix?


    Matt Streger
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    There are a few reasons your Treo will "automatically" come on.

    1. When it happens check to see if anything is scheduled as an untimed event. (Comes on at midnight, and "alarms" you as soon as the next day happens.) Go to the calendar, options, preferences, display options, and then click on the tips i in the upper right corner. Read about "float advance at midnight"

    2. If your Treo is set up to get email, make sure it isn't set up to get it automatically all night long.

    Hope this helps.

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