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    Just for the record, my GSM Treo 600 turns itself on at 3:30 and off a few minutes later.
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    whoa this just happened to me
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    I have to admit, I have previously skimmed this thread with mild amusement/indulgence. No more!! My brothers and sisters, I now join the ranks of true believers!! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!!

    Well ok...the truth has already been discovered (routine time sync, and auto-off/profile stuff turns screen back off). Takes a little of the mystery out of it...::grumble::
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    Add me to the list. i was at a friends house and she freaked out. i told her my phone is haunted....
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    hey, handspring or palmone techs, if any of you ever read these forums, please make a fix for the 3:30 am thing!

    I contacted Sprint, and they wanted me to bring the phone into a store, and PalmOne had no clue about this. uhhhhhhh..come on, get with it
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    I have the same problem T600, Sprint, screen comes on and stays on), but I don't understand why it only happens to us while charging.

    Any explanation?
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    Never mind. I see that it comes on at 3:30 a.m. even when not plugged into the charger.
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    T600 and Sprint PCS. Mine's been doing it (not every night, though) for the past year. I started plugging in the phone and putting it in the drawer. Sometimes at night I'll wake up and see this sliver of light on the ceiling as the phone lights up the drawer I hadn't closed completely. I've kind of gotten used to it, knowing that there really is something out there.
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    So what'sthe final thoughtt on this? I thought it was Snappermail backing up to the SD card. Type the word bug in SnapperMail and they have hidden prefs that show that they do a 3am task. Too bad they don't offer ability to change the time.
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    I have the same problem, but it doesn't seem like it happens every night - i think it's OK when it's not plugged in - I'll try it tonight!
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    Seems to happen every nite regardless of being plugged in.
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    Treo600, Sprint plus Banquo (4 entries up) is my baby brother and I didn't even know he had the problem!

    I've been blaming it on PocketTunes. See my accusations here. Usually the last use of Treo for the day is listening to NPR. I turn it off, plug it in to charge and go to bed. 3 a.m. I get NPR blaring from the kitchen.

    At PocketTunes' behest, I started switching to a song on my card, before bed and then turning that off but, sure enough, 3 a.m. I get the song!

    Last night, I turned the song on AND popped the card out and I never knew 3 a.m. came and went - the phone was dark in the morning. BUT Backup Buddy couldn't do his job. Sounds like if I pick a song, flip to a game or the dial pad or something and leave the card in, it will come on and go off without my knowing about it.
    susan dennis
    seattle, WA
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    Quote Originally Posted by scotttreo
    Seems to happen every nite regardless of being plugged in.

    Really ? I've had success two nights in a row. I make sure that it's fully charged before I go to bed and then I unplug it - it has not come on at 3:30 AM either night!
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    3:30 am is when the Treo beams it's home planet, sending your newly added info. from the day....
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    Actually, mine does the same thing. But my T600 turns on at 3am.

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    If you want to really test this, turn off the automatic date and time and set the time to 3:29. Wait one minute and see if it turns on. It happens whether or not your treo is plugged in.

    At the beginning of this thread, someone used a utility that looks all all the alarms. The treo has an item in ROM that is scheduled at 3:30 everyday. It has nothing to do with any programs anybody may have. There is nothing anybody can do about it, but I had to install Profiles in order to make sure it went off, because if left in the cradle, the screen would remain on all night.
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    The Sprint Treos do this at 3am every night to do a time synch with the network, if I recall correctly (some monster threads on this already) - i've witnessed it on mine - kinda freaky...
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    I have a Verizon with same issue.
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    Freaked me out the first time. When I travel the phone gets placed face down at night.

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    just a note... bought my sprint pcs treo 600 at the begining of march 05 and noticed the last few nights mine turns on at 3:30am. AND THE CRAZY THING IS i seem to be waking up 2min before that to see it happen. freaked me out! then seeing others had this problem... freaked me out even more!

    ... well at least i know there are others with this problem too.

    i did notice that no information is being downloaded or nothing happens. but it just goes off the given time 2mins.
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