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    I'm testing out "wassup" and it runs just fine. It shows me exactly what I need to see...
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    I'm downloading the demo now... $12.95... bit steep... but if it works... we'll see.
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    I am a wassup fan. As you try it out don't forget to go into PREF/Launch and chekc mardk teh UP/Down scroll launch pad. It allolws you to launch 15 aps from wassup.
    which is really the main apps I use. So Wassup is a winner for me. clean and easy to read...

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    Now that Wassup fixed the font problem under Appointments and added support for Treo600 SMS messages, its perfect.
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    Problem with wassup is that you'd need to whip out the stylus to click on the items... I'd like it better if it let me use the 5-way pad instead. All in all though, it IS a great step towards the right direction. Additionally, if there was support for more customization regarding the way it looks (font, color, etc), it'd be a winner!
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    Supporting- Chatter, Verichat, Snappermail, PalmOne Mail, SoundRec, SMS, voicemail, missed calls, ...

    Public Beta soon.
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    Such a tease.....
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    When and where can we sign up for the 2Day beta test?
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    Gave wassup a second look, and I thought "wow, this prog's good..." Then, after a few hours, my treo went into continuous soft resets, each around 30 seconds apart. I'm lucky it takes less than 30 seconds to actually delete a program. I dunno what actually caused the conflict, as it was fine for a couple of hours, and I haven't changed any setting prior to that happening. Oh well, back to the drawing board... Or I'll go ahead and try facer one more time. Where's 2day when you need it?
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    When can we expect the 2day app? My only request is that it display all appointments for the next 7 days, and all the usual stuff. None of the today appz I've tried could display more than 1 day's appointments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobvark
    When can we expect the 2day app? My only request is that it display all appointments for the next 7 days, and all the usual stuff. None of the today appz I've tried could display more than 1 day's appointments.
    Guess they'd have to call it "Tomorrow" or "NextWeek" then

    I just installed the demo of facer and by default it also shows tomorrow's appointments on your today screen. Plus it's pretty easy to skip around to different days if you need to. I do not however see a way to show more than just 2 days worth of stuff on the main screen.

    I like the interface, but I do wish it was a little more open to customization.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MovieGene
    I'm not sure how a 15% discount from $10.95 comes out to $16.10 though!
    Maybe it was a typo that they already fixed by the time I saw it, because it now says it was originally $18.95.

    It doesn't show anything else and I can't find the settings to tell it to.
    Looks like it needs plug-ins for anything else. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be many... Weather, MoneyEZ, and VersaMail.

    To the right at the top is the card info icon, battery level icon, and RAM memory icon. Again, I find these in a odd order. Also, the battery level icon doesn't indicate if the Treo is charging.
    It shows that is is charging on mine just fine. Little green lightning bolt through the orangish-red battery icon. Though I wish it was more like ZLauncher which gives you the option of showing it (and memory of device or card) in numbers or percentages.

    The default icons on the bottom are pretty self explanatory. Except for on in the middle. It looks like shadows, but one clicked, opens the calculator.
    In the screenshots on their website, there is actually a little calculator icon. I think this is some bug we're seeing with the shadows thing.

    I couldn't find any Launcher options, such as layout, include/exclude names, etc.
    I'm spoiled by ZLauncher. Facer's launcher seems very lacking. But I was really only checking it out for it's Today screen. If ZLauncher had one it would be perfect.

    Selecting System Prefs from the help menu brings me back to the Phone Application.

    I couldn't figure out how to move from the facer screen to the launcher without using the stylus. There appears to be no menu options or 5 way support to do so.
    It does on mine too. And yes, that really sucks about the lack of 5-way navigation on the today page. Not just for getting to the launcher... for getting to anything from that screen. I hate having to scroll through menus. Although the order of the icons doesn't bother me. I also wish it was easier to switch between DateBook and the Today screen.

    Nice start for a today app, but needs some work. Most importantly more plugins, especially for various email clients. I'd also like to see more ability to customize and better 5-way support. Guess I'll be waiting for 2Day...
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    another bug I came across... if you have ZLauncher installed and set as your default launcher, somehow facer overrides that setting and the default PalmOS app launcher runs when you hit the little home button on the keyboard instead of ZL.
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    Any update on 2Day?
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    There is a Treo 600 specific beta version available that addresses some of the issues raised in this thread.

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    2Day beta coming soon- stay tuned.
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    will show all per day up to 7 days as an option
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    Wassup is a very nice app. However there is no 5-way nav support except moving between days of the week and in the menus. It would be nice to be able to move up and down between the different categories.

    NOTE: Emailing support group for Wassup to see if this enhancement can be added in a future release.
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    I want it noooowowwwwwww!

    Ah, shucks.
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