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    I work in my office at home and would love to use my home phone when I am there. I wish someone would make an application that I could use to quickly forward my phone without going through the process of going into the phone menu to forward. One Button Forward...Quick and easy. I know that Callfilter works if you have the phone in a cradle/charging. The problem with that is that I have a charger in the car that I use often and don't want my phone to forward to my house if it is on my car charger!!!

    Someone who has programming knowledge could do this quickly and i would be greatly appreciative. What do you think!??
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    Simple Profile Manager (aka "Profiles") does what you want. You can create a Profile called home that forwards your call home, one called office that forwards calls to work, and another called car that disables the calll forwarding. Great app.
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    I have tried the "Profiles" program, and it works well, except that I think it is causing my Treo to reset. Has anyone else noticed that? I have a lot of trouble pinpointing what application causes resets on my Treo...

    The "Profiles" program I am using is:

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    I too want a way to change the call forwarding very easily. So far CallFilter and Profiles do it, but both appear to cause other errors. And they include lots of features I don't care about.

    Anyone know of a quick program which makes it easy to press a few buttons to turn on or off call forwarding?

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    I use Profiler, which if I can remember correctly someone here at treocentral created. It always works and I haven't noticed any increase in the random resets I have always had.
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    I have been a hard core user of Simple Profile Manager for many months with tons of 3rd party apps and have never once attributed a soft reset to it. IMO it's far more likely that you are encountering an issue with another app.

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