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    a friend of mine is considering getting a tungsten c with wifi capablities vs getting a treo 600 with wireless internet. What are the advantages and disadvantage including cost and speed?

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    it all depends what your going to be using it for.

    t600 wireless everywhere (5kbs AT BEST)
    wifi, extremely fast net, but you can only use it when your in a wireless network.

    If youíre on the road a lot, and need to be receiving info at all times, t600 is the only way to go, but if you are in some place that always has wifi (AND you donít need a phone) then go with the tungsten.
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    they're basically different devices - comparing the treo (always on wireless, WITH voice) to the Tungsten C (wi-fi, no voice) is just not an accurate evaluation.

    They do different things, for different needs, as granth said. (but I don't think that speed statement of 5Kbps at best is correct. I get faster throughput than that, consistently).

    I think people who've gone for the treo have done so because they want ONE device to carry around, elegantly designed, and which gives them <pretty> fast data connections, everywhere (at least more everywhere than hot spots).
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    My wife has the Tungsten c and I have the Treo 600. No comparison. Her's is fast but obviously limited to hot spots only.

    I'm connected all the time. She carries two devices-I carry one.

    Besides, I'm sure we'll get WiFi SD capability eventually and have the best of both worlds.
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    What makes the Treo for me is the fact that it has a phone. That in itself is a major separation.

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    I have a treo, and also, BT phone (z600/t616 SE) with PPC BT enabled device. Before i got treo, i would have to have 2 devices with me in order i could surf on the PPC. now, i just need one, and it is a SMALL (not as big as previously smartphone) one. lot of functions and you can do so much with it. with the portable keyboard, i could (but i won't) type a functional specification doc (for work)
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    One device, three applications. Treo 600 is a phone, a PDA, and an appliance for connecting my PC to the Internet when I am not in a Wi-Fi hotspot. (When I am in a hotspot I use my PC to sync my Treo to Avantgo).

    I have never understood the role or appeal of the Tungsten.
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