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    We have deployed 50 treo 600 for pilot users. 1500+ if pilot is successfull. 4 out 50 treo's are turning on by itself draining the battery. User states fully charged battery, powers off treo 600, come back from 2hr meeting, 1 hr. left on treo device. This is a random event. We have WECM/WEA Servers installed by IBM professional services. A ticket is open with Sprint, so far they have NO clue.

    Any ideas would be highly appreciated.
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    To my knowledge, there is no way to fully "power off" the Treo. You can put the screen to sleep, and turn wireless mode "off", but the device itself is always on.

    If the device is "searching" for a network connection, that will drain the battery, as will constant pushing/pulling of e-mail, etc. Aside from that, it is possible that you simply have four devices with defective batteries.
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    I have same problem. The treo 6oo turns itself on for two minutes then turns iteself off. Only started after installing 1.2 updater.
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    the treo is always on, just in standby.

    The only thing that can be done is turning off the radio, and turning off the screen. But alas as you say the screen turns back on for x period of time

    im sorry that you are experiencing that problem
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    I think it is happening to alot of people and the only way that you will catch it is by chance so that is why most likely more people arent talking about the issue. I tend to put my treo in a holder in my car and have noticed that it does this as well although it makes no sound when it does happen. Have no idea what the issue is

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    Sprint will replace the 4 devices under the 1 yr. warranty. A downside to the treo is the battery is unremovable. My concern is, if this issue is not resolved and rises again after the warranty expires, my concern is my problem. If this issue makes the battery defective after 1 year, this device is useless.
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    If the draining is due to searching for network - have them turn off wireless when not using if in a bad area.

    If due to screen being on, use a program like phoneguard to turn off screen when using phone after a minute or autooff to adjust time to screen turning off.

    Haven't had this problem myself.
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    You might want to look at the 3:30AM posts, sounds like it's the same problem. Seems to only happen with new 1.20 fw
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    I have on a few occasions (I can count them on one hand) found strange power drains going on, and it always seems to be linked to me installing some applications to test them, and then removing them - not all applications, only some, and always applications which are 'always' running - for example, battery monitoring software. I find a 30/40% power drop over night (instead of 5%). I have always found that a soft reset solves this problem - until the next time it happens, of course.

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