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    When trying to download an MP3 from a website within Blazer, I get the following error message -

    "Failed to pass data to exchange manager. (0x1511)"

    Has anyone else seen this? I'm running 1.20SPC (Sprint) on a Treo 600.

    Basically I just want to be able to download MP3's from the web and save them to my SD card for playback via PTunes.
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    Reading a few other threads it seems that some folks are able to get Blazer to download and play MP3's via PTunes just fine. Others a recommending WebPro for this. I dont want to shell out $35, though, so I'd sooner figure out how to get it to work with Blazer...

    Edit: Okay, I just tried a different URL and it worked fine via HTTP. The issue may be that the original URL I tried was an FTP:

    Does Blazer handle downloads via FTP - or is that what is choking it?
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    Blazer doesn't support FTP.
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    Well, that would probably be it then, eh? I guess that answers my question. Thanks for the reply!
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    I was under the impression that we couldn't download mp3 because the format wasn't supported by blazer. How can I download mp3s?
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