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    I dropped my treo 300 and broke the screen. I would love to upgrade to the 600 but cannot really afford it right now so... I need a reliable but reasonable option for replacing the screen. I did some searching on the web but only found prices around $100 to do the job. Any suggestions of where I can get this done. I found replacement screens for sale but I am no techy. Anyone know how difficult of a job it would be to do myself.

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    Check Ebay, $30.00 for the part.
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    I've looked on Ebay and can't find any screens for a Treo 300. The only listings I find are for screen protectors. Do you know a seller that carries them. I need a new screen for my Treo 300 as well.

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    Try sending a PM to caspercanada, last I heard he had displays but $ is unknown.

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    yes, I have them, $30 including postage. Used, but great shape...check out the feedback on ebay under "casper!!" from people who've bought them.

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