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    I picked up a Treo 600 yesterday to replace my current 270. Played with it a little last night before installing (updating) the software on the PC and syncing everything to the 600. Well when it got time to go to bed I had to stop the hotsync which wad been busy for about 3 hours!
    I had long first-time syncs before but never longer than an hour or so.
    Decided to try again today (after a hard reset to erase everything that was already on the Treo - which was most things and half of the calendar entries). It started over 6 (six!) hours ago and date book is still syncing. There's over three years of date book data to synchronize but is this normal?
    How can I tell if there's still data being transferred or if the hotsync proces is stuck?
    I really want to start using my new toy, please help!
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    You have had syncs that last as long as an hour? Can you tell us how you're syncing the device? USB Cable? Network?, Dialup?
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    No hotsync should take more than an hour MAX, to complete.

    Your Treo 600 can only hotsync 24Mb of data, (without an SD card), and will not take over anhour to hotsync 5 years of Datebook data.

    I would suggest that you take a look through your Datebook records on the computer. The Hotsync Manager is probably stuck on a corrupted record, and until you locate and delete this record(s), you will not be able to complete a successful hotsync.
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    Are you just transfering data or is it trying to sync apps as well? It should not take that long, but you may be getting stuck on installation of apps that are not compatable. I'd say RTFM , but it's easy to get excited about your new toy (I was!). Try just syncing the data alone. You may have to change user names somewhere along the line, but I believe that its in the manual. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kschoenberg
    You have had syncs that last as long as an hour? Can you tell us how you're syncing the device? USB Cable? Network?, Dialup?
    I use the USB for hotsync. Yes, I have had syncs that lasted a long time (maybe not an hour, but very long) but only when syncing the entire address book to an "empty" device.

    @eldonmcd: how do I look for corruption in the database record? Palm desktop works fine and so does syncing withe the 270.

    @alohafriday: You're right of course about RTFM It's just that I've been using palm OS devices for years now and this has never happened to me.
    Syncing apps, memo etc. is fine. This time I disabled all conduits except date book and set it to replace all data on the treo.

    I'll poke around some more tonight.

    Thanks for your help guys.
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    are you syncing mp3's/wav's also? those can take a while to go to the card thru hotsync. If that is the case, you are better off getting something like Cardexport by Softick to create a virtual drive from your card, or invest in a cardreader - there are readers available for as little as $10
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    Ok, Here is the solution. Get FileZ. Beam your addr.db file to your new device. Now it will sync quick.
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    @kayden75: No, no large files to sync. Everything but the datebook (treo calls it "calendar" now) syncs quickly, even faster than on the 270.

    @northreal: Thanks for the tip. I will try this.

    I just deleted 2 corrupted entries from the datebook (found this option in Palm Desktop that I never saw before - is this new in this version?) and am trying a new sync. Fingers crossed!
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    the option to look for corrupt records in datebook has been around since PDS 4.1 I think.just go to tools/options/tools then click on check now. then set your datebook conduit to HH overwrites desktop.
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    Thank you everyone for your useful contributions but the winner of the most-helpful-award of this thread goes to ...



    There were two corrupt entries in the date book. After fixing these the hotsync went fine!

    Thanks, I can finally start using my brand new Treo 600 (anyone notice it even smells new, it's like driving a brand new car )
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    Hmmm... I never thought about sniffing my Treo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by j.c.
    Hmmm... I never thought about sniffing my Treo...
    Really? Smell is a seriously underrated sense. You don't know what you're missing, mate
    New electrical appliances have this exciting smell when they heat up. Like a new computer or an new treo when it's charging.
    Try it!

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