We get lots of requests from MAC users for an Audacity compatible MAC version. There isn't one, but there are ways to get it to work. I am enclosing a letter from Peter M. on how to get it to work. Much thanks to Peter.

The procedure is pretty simple. I record in PCM mode to SD card (I am using a Panasonic card which is high speed, regular speed cards are not fast enough), activate a program called Missing Sync (http://www.markspace.com/products.html) which mounts my palm SD card onto my computer as an external disc (alternatively I can just use an SD card reader to mount the SD card). Then I drag the wav file over to my hard drive and I can play it using Quicktime or iTunes.

To archive the recordings, iTunes has good file management, I can place the wav files into individual iTunes voice memo playlists, and I can name the lists, the voice files, attach notes, organize by date modified, size etc... I can even convert the wav files into mp3 or mp4 (AAC) format (not that I have any reason to do this). iTunes has very powerful search features which makes it easy to track down archived recordings.

If I copy back to the SD card, Audacity will read it (if it is still in wav) but will not recognize attached notes, file name changes or any other iTunes modifications.

I think your product is great and I wish you continued success with your software. If you ever do decide to build a Mac conduit and need a beta tester, please do let me know!

Again, much thanks to Peter. You will need an Audacity PRC file to get this work. Contact support@audacityaudio.com