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    On my Samsung SPH-i500, I had Blazer 2, and now on the T600, I have Blazer 3. I'm told the major difference is that Blazer 2 used a proxy and Blazer 3 doesn't. All I know is that Blazer 2 on the Samsung ran circles around Blazer 3 on the T600. Also, Blazer 2 never complained about a page being too large to download, or did I really encounter a page it could not handle. Before I damage my T600 irreperably, will it work to use filez to delete Blazer 3 from ROM and replace with Blazer 2, or something like that? Has anyone tried this?
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    To begin with, you can not remove Blazer from the ROM of your Treo 600. It is burned into the ROM and there is no way to remove it.

    You can download and install other versions of Blazer, which will be accessed from the icon on the launcher page, but you can not get rid of Blazer 3.

    You should also be prepared for Fatal Errors when you do this, as both versions will try to launch at the same time.

    In a nutshell, Don't Do It.

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