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    I have a Treo 600 and I am noticing something wierd. Lets say I have an alarm set for 5PM and in my pref. I have the alarm go off 10 times for 100x every minute. So when 5PM rolls around the alarm goes off 10x and I dont press anything. I would assume the alarm would go off again for 10x in another minute but the problem is if I dont press snooze it wont. It doesnt do anything. When the alarm goes off the first time the screen turns on and shows my the appointment I set for 5 and it says ok snooze and done. If I dont press anything shouldnt the alarm keep going off for a 100x. Isnt that the purpose of the alarm that if I dont press anything that I havent woke up or seeen what I had planned? Is this built into the calendar like that or is there something wrong with my Treo?

    Any help would really be appreciated. I've been missing a lot of things because of this
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    Anybody? I would really help me out a lot
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    Well you could start by letting us know what application you are using.
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    Oh sorry about that. Its the regular calendar program that comes with the Treo. When you go the the Pref and sound setttings you can change the settings of the calendar and I have it changed to go off 10x every minute for 100x but it never does. It will go off one time and if I dont press anything it never goes off again. If I press OK it was go off the next minute which is pretty useless if I am sleeping and dont hear it the first time it doesnt go off again. Any way to fix that or is it just made like that? I find it wierd because every other alarm I've used will go off until a user operated command tells it to stop or snooze.
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    Try BigClock, it is a great alarm and you can chose your own alarm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul Reading
    Try BigClock, it is a great alarm and you can chose your own alarm.

    Does it by any chance intergrate with the Palm OS calendar? I like the functionality of that one but I'll still give that program a try and see it solves my problem

    Thank you for your help

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