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    I am new with the Treo and I have snappermail installed and would like to use it as the default mail program. How do you set up the treo so that Snapper is the default program and the Mail program no longer checks for mail? Many thanks for your help.

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    A couple of ways:

    1. In Prefs under Default Apps, change Email to Snapper.
    2. In Prefs under Buttons, change the mail hardware button to Snapper.
    2. Turn off Auto retrieve in the Mail program preferences. If this is not set, it will not collect your mail unless you tell it to.
    2. Setup Snappermail to auto-retrieve.
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    Go to Preferences/Default Apps/Email. You should be able to select Snapper. Also, you can uninstall Treo Mail.
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    Thank you both for you responses. I will give it try.


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