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    Looking for a program that allows me to link between the built-in Treo 600 PDA PIM applications like contacts, datebook, todo, and memopad.
    I would prefer that the links are stored in the native apps.

    I tried Agendus for Palm and was not that excited.
    Does Datebk5 store the links in the native apps?
    Any other utility programs or things to read about on the web?

    Thank you.
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    Are you looking for something like Palm Wiki?
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    Yes datebk5 does stores links in native apps. But the links are not readable by humans. In outlook its a bunch of @# and numbers. And it does not have its own database and it is fully loaded with a lot of features. Give it a try for free from After using it for a month I decided to fork the 29.95 because it really deserves it. I particularly like the following:

    - you can link from appointment and todo items to contacts if I wanted to call someone. I can click on the small "D" button on the alert to call directly.

    - appointments with icons. So I have an icon (Rx) for doctor's appointment and in the monthly view its really easy to see when I am going to see the doctors [my wife is pregnant...we have whole set of those lined up for the next few months ]

    - I also like the feature that allows you to create a template out of existing appointments. So its a snap setting up similar appointments in the future.

    - easy to use daily journal that you can export to PC.

    Overall, datebk5 has more features than one would ever need.

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