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    Did I screw something up?
    I have two Treo 600s and I updated both of them with the ROW 1.12 Firmware updater. Before, both of them said "Hardware: B" and now one says "Hardware: B" and the other says "Hardware: Treo600 x.y." Anyone know what the difference is?

    Also, one of the Treos serial numbers got changed from "HS SN: 'the serial number on the back" to some generic new number that is something like "12345678." Is this a glitch? The serial number on the other Treo remained intact. What gives?

    It seems to be working ok so far, but I don't like feeling that I screwed up something by running this update.

    Please help! Thanks!
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    the update must somehow changed your phone settings to roots. .
    theres a software named Backtoroots.prc
    which does this as well .. and reset your phone as though it came out of the factory
    (i think)

    anyway thers solution to this
    use Tokenwriter.prc

    read the F manual of tokenwriter
    and follow instruction on how to change it back to Hardware : B and your serial number which is located behind your phone

    walah solution solved .. u can also changed to Hardware : C if u want or D or Z hahahah
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    Token Writer

    hser - serial
    gmfl - GM (yes it's just GM)
    hwvr - A? B? C?
    prnm - Treo 600
    crnm - INT
    revn - 1.12
    GoUc and GpUc leave em alone

    there you go ..
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    Where can I find the manual for Tokenwriter?
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    "The future will be better tomorrow."
    - Dan Quayle
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    Quote Originally Posted by RayUSA
    says "Hardware: Treo600 x.y."
    to some generic new number that is something like "12345678."
    I noticed this same thing on my Treo after running the update. But will it matter if I don't change these values? I mean why go through the trouble of changing them at all if it does not help anything? I am having disconnect hangs since the update. Will changing the settings help with that?
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    My settings were not changed by the 1.2 update; my phone does have the disconnect hang.

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