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    I installed the new firmware after looking over the discussion and seemed ok. my only issue right now is that if i turn off wireless mode by pushing the button on the top, the screen locks up on the "goodbye" screen. i have to do a soft reset to get off of that screen.

    Did a search on this and didn't see elsewhere.

    Any ideas?
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    I have the same problem after the 'update.' In addition, my SMS no longer works! I can't seem to receive any message any more. The 'update' is really a downgrade. Palm should have better tested the product before releasing it.
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    Have you tried to hard reset your device and see if SMS works? There are many 3rd party Apps that don't play nice.
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    fyi - after i posted this, i found a thread about slow shut down.

    sure enough - if i waited long enough, it did shut down. i was just impatient and soft resetting. also, i did note that the slow shutdown occurs when i have been connected to the web or doing e-mail

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