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    I have T-mobile with my Treo 600. T-zones internet works without paying, as reported before, but appears spotty. Ports seems to be randomly enabled or disabled. Sometimes treo connects to GSPS network but there is no open ports at all. Sometimes it would not even connect ( 4 bar signal). Would it work any better if I sign up for $4.99 T-zones or 19.99 unl. internet? Or is it general network instability? ( I am in philadelphia)
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    i have experienced the same things on my 180 & 270. i switch to my access4free dialup and everything works right away!
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    i have 9.99 tzone pro grandfathered plan. i have experienced the same in so. ca. i believe my situation is the service has been unstable or they were doing upgrade (whatever....) in my area.

    someone reported they could not get on gprs or surf in NYC too

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