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    Let me preface this with an opinion: PalmOne techincal support is

    Bottom line: My Treo600 would not accept the ATT update, so on a
    whim, I tried the Cingular (they are merging, right?). Worked like a
    charm. I now get the little Cingular sybol instead of the ATT when I
    start up/shut down. I pick up both ATT and Cingular service.
    Question: Does anyone know of a way to get the proper ATT software
    back on my Treo?

    Back to my initial statement. I was met with suggestions like "a
    hard reset will restore it" or, " must be your 3rd party
    software". Geez.

    Software it's now running is Treo600-1.12-CNG Hardware B.

    Any ideas? works fine. I know....if it ain't broke.........
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    Which update did you try, ie. the palm updater software or the standalone firmware located on This may help. Also, did you use tokenwriter to change anything.

    let me know

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    I have used a factory unlocked cingular model from day 1 on ATT with zero problems. I did notice that with the updated firmware, my treo interprets the voicemail sms's correctly and just turns the VM icon on and off without an extra sms notice. If it works with your attws sim, I'd guess it was an unlocked cingular all the time.

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    I had played with the idea of using the tokenWriter when it was around. Got halfway thru it, then chickened out. The phone still worked fine, so I figured it didn't take.

    Think it latched on to Cingular then?


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