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    Here is my phone information:

    No T-mobile branding at all (but used with t-mobile)
    Firmware: 2.05
    Software: Treo600-1.08-INT
    Hardware: B

    If someone knows or can tell from my phone informatoin if my phone is unlocked it would be very helpful since I want to upgrade my firmware with the firmwares at mytreo. Also, if my phone is locked, has anyone tried the mytreo methods for unlocking and upgrading?

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    Your phone sounds like the unbranded international version (same as mine). It should be unlocked. You'd have to try a SIM from another carrier in your phone just to be sure.
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    search before you ask next time...

    see previous posts.
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    Type in *#*#777# and press DIAL to see if your unit is unlocked. Mine was and I had the same circumstances as you.

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    I've just switched carrier, from Cingular to T-MO, and according to the sales rep. Cingular and T-MO version are interchangable. Also, they say many are actually unlocked version.
    I think therefore I am.... confused!!!
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    Both "branded" units are unlocked but rumor has it that each provider has software specific to optimizing the T600 for thier own networks.

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    Okay, I did find out that my phone is indeed locked, cause I went to a Cingular store and used a SIM card of theirs. Then when I got back though, I still really wanted to update my firmware, so I did a little searching on and found that you can still update your firmware using the 112 CROW (3.04) firmware. I just installed it and everything is running smoothly so far. Blazer is much faster and the new PalmOne logos and startup screens look much better. I'll let you guys know if i run into any problems. Does anyone know if there are advantages to updating to 3.05?
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    I used the code, and it said unlocked. However, I also tried a friend's AT&T sim in the phone, and the Treo wouldn't work, saying it was an unauthorized SIM.

    So, I don't know if my phone is locked or unlocked. It doesn't matter to me now, but it will someday when I want to sell the phone.
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