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    My original T600 was purchased from Cingular and was subsequently replaced by PalmOne under warranty. I noticed that the s/w version is now INT and when I tried to upgrade the phone to the lastest firmware, it fails with a "Device not Compatible" error. I assume this can be fixed by using tokenwriter to change the crnm value to CNG - is this correct? Does using tokenwriter to change this value alter anything else? Where do I get tokenwriter.prc? Also, does any of this change the "lock" status of my phone?

    joe pruskowski
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    Get Tokenwriter here:

    You shouldn't have any issues chaning the INT to CNG.

    You're other option is to use the 3.05 ROW upgrade.
    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $there$ $is$ $not$ $difference$ $in$ $the$ $two$ $versions$, $except$ $for$ $the$ $Cingular$ $branding$.
    My Treo is still unlocked after applying mulitple firmwares and versions.
    GSM Treo 600 with Cingular
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