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    Why not just learn not to answer your phone if you wish not to take the call?

    (Said by the proud owner and user of both CallFilter and Call Shield)
    The Toad
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    BTW someone posted that u could get lightwave and buzz off as package deal from TC..but they don't sell software.. anyone know where? seems to be best PRESENT solution.
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    sure..can do it manually..but bought treo to be convenient, lazy, and fun!!!!
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    Johnski, I agree!
    The Toad
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnski1969
    BTW someone posted that u could get lightwave and buzz off as package deal from TC..but they don't sell software.. anyone know where? seems to be best PRESENT solution.
    You can get lwav and buzz at
    Want mp3/wav ringtones , Audio and Video recording for your Treo600/650? visit
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    I wonder what this means?
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    I have no freakin' idea.
    TreoBill Abides
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    They just added Velocityware into the supported developers area. I doubt they would hard code a section into their site without an update to talk about. Something's going on with CallFilter over on
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishnetb
    Be patient,

    The new version is fantastic, a leap above the others and it works with the new Sprint update 1.20. Vware is polishing it off. Trust me it is worth the wait.

    Btw, the current version of Callfilter is compatable with the Sprint update 1.20. I had no problems.
    Callfilter 1.2 has arrived !
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishnetb
    Callfilter 1.2 has arrived !
    and I'm not that impressed, especially for $30
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    Thus far I've found it to be exponentially better than the previous version. So much so, I've discarded the ever-problematic Lightwav. The only feature not available in CallFilter, which is in Lightwav, is the ability to display animated GIFs. I'm cool without that.

    A couple/three suggestions for the next version...

    - Allow direct lookups from the Contacts database when adding a rule for a Contact. The function exists when you want to add a single number, but not for an entire Contact entry. It's a pain in the proverbial buttox to have to scroll through 300 contacts to get to a Contact whose last name begins with "W".

    - Allow access to pictures on the SD card.

    - When selecting Announce Number under Ring Type, play the announced number using PTunes, to take advantage of the volume increase feature built into that application. The normal Treo ring tone maximum volume setting is effective only in church.
    TreoBill Abides
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primate
    and I'm not that impressed, especially for $30
    Spend the time to see all of the functionality. I am sure you will be impressed. The App is loaded with goodies.

    See Quote from the Developer:

    There are a lot of changes in CallFilter V1.2. I tried to integrate the new features seamlessly into the interface. So some of the new features may not be immediately appearant. In fact, I dont show many features on the screen until you do an action that requires for it to be shown (ex: Create a rule with an action such as Ring as Normal, and you will get access to a new screen called Ring Settings). I might be forgetting a few things, but below is a quick summary of the main features:

    - Filter incoming calls based on phone number, name, category, blocked/no callerid, or company
    - Send unwanted calls to voicemail immediately or after a few rings, pickup and hang up on caller, ignore caller, or automatically answer *Enhanced*
    - Ability to play MP3, Ogg, Wav (requires Pocket Tunes), and Midi files for the Ring Tones *Enhanced*
    - Adds unlimited Picture Caller ID. You can even assign Pictures to Contact Categories or Companies, or Blocked Callers! *New*
    - Filter SMS messages. Filter not only by phone number, but can also filter based on the email address that sent the SMS message. *New*
    - Take action based on an SMS message. CallFilter can automatically startup an application, auto reply, delete the message, or suppress notification. *New*
    - Ability to actually SPEAK the phone number of the incoming call *New*
    - Ring Screen called Extended Info - Automatically displays contact info and notes about the incoming caller, so you can refresh your memory before you even answer the phone! *New*
    - Call Completion - Automatically display a form after a phone call, so you can quickly take notes, schedule follow up calls, or meetings with the caller. All notes and appointments are integrated with the Treo 600 Calendar, Memo Pad, Daily Log, and Contact Notes *New*
    - Ability to stop Space bar and other keys from accidentally answering your phone
    - Support for Multiple Cards (SD card and RAM Disk at same time)
    - Ability to Automatically Forward Calls when Charging
    - It detects when you have voicemail, and makes your green led blink quickly at 4 times a second, or set the LED color to solid Red, Orange, or Green *Enhanced*
    - Allows the Jabra Freespeak BT200 Bluetooth headset to be used with the Treo 600 *New*
    - Support Multiple Rulesets based on your current profile! Integrate seamlessly with third party Profile Managers such as Simple Profiles Manager, Profiler, or Profeo 600 Lite V0.8.7. When you switch profiles using your Favorite Profile manager, CallFilter automatically switches to the ruleset that corresponds to that Profile! *New*
    - Integrates with the Treo 600 Alerts Manager, so you can quickly see a summary of Calls and SMS messages that have been filtered *New*
    - Advanced Logging Screen allows you to zoom in on a log message to see extended details on what happened. *New*
    - Ability to play an background sound or annoucement when the phone is answered *New*
    - Ability to automatically return to the built-in phone app or TAKEphONE after entering Call Completion Notes *New*
    - Ability to assign a nickname to a individual, phone number, category, or company *New*

    Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions. If you need support or help, please email me at: CallFilterSupport AT
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    where can i download call filter and will this make it where my phone will ring in my headset????
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    I ahve downloaded call filter 1.2 and have a Jabra headset. How do you get the program to work so that the headset can communicate with the phone??

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    I ahve downloaded call filter 1.2 and have a Jabra headset. How do you get the program to work so that the headset can communicate with the phone??
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    Thanks Laurie. It worked great. Regards Nick
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    Regarding Callfilter 1.2:

    I have close to 1000 contacts on my Treo. Is there any easy way to search for a contact you want to define a rule for? It seems I have to hit that little arrow to scroll forever to get to the 2nd half of my names
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