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    Let me ask here if anyone knows how to make sure CallShield consistently plays
    MP3s at the loudest volume when answering a call. I, too, have emailed the creator but never did receive a response.
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    Good to see we're all getting along now.

    My 2 cents on BuzzOff....
    I bought it since I figured I already had invested time and $$s in Lightwav. Mind you I have had no problems with Lightwav on my GSM unit, FW2.05 and tons of apps. I had an initial issue with BuzzOff not working, emailed Toysoft and got a response and solution (upgrade) w/in 6 hours.

    The product does what I want it to do, screen out specific phone numbers. My only complaints are:
    1) It's not completely 5-way friendly (not necessarily a deal killer for me) and

    2) When you set up a filter, there are fields for both "Caller Phone" and "Area Code" which can be confusing because if you enter an area code (thinking it's for the specific phone number in "Caller Phone") you end up blocking ALL calls from that area code. This had me going for a few hours. I know, I know, RTFM, but this stuff should be a little more intuitive.

    Again, IMHO a workable product if you have already invested $$ in Lightwav.

    Now everyone keep playing well with others and don't run with scissors!
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    Thanks for everyone's (almost everyone's) suggestions. Just purchased Callfilter.
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    Great choice....IMO you won't believe the udpate when released.
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    How is the developer of CallFilter contacted? The application does not work at all on my 1.20 Sprint unit. By "does not work at all", I mean the rules I build are completely ignored.

    The app does run without crashing, though for now it's just a big 'ol pile of ones and zeros.
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    Your app might be working. I thought the same thing at first. By default, the application is set to "Disable" which means nothing has any effect. If you tap on the "Enable" button on the main page toward the top, it will probably work as expected.
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    The reason I'm leaning toward callShield is because it has the option to hang up on people without going to voicemail. I can't find anything similar in callFilter. How well does that work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mulcher
    Your app might be working. I thought the same thing at first. By default, the application is set to "Disable" which means nothing has any effect. If you tap on the "Enable" button on the main page toward the top, it will probably work as expected.
    It was enabled.

    I've purchased the three most popular of these types of applications; LightWav, CallShield and CallFilter.

    All of them are exceptionally buggy and nowhere near ready for primetime.

    My recommendation to those who've not yet purchased is to wait until you start reading consistent positive comments from a larger group of users.

    The UI in CallShield and LightWav needs a significant overhaul. CallFilter has a better UI, but lacks in the area of feature/functionality.

    LightWav will cause all sorts of residual phone problems, such as locking up the interface where you can't answer a call which successfully passed the block rules, ringer being inadvertanltly disabled by BuzzOff, etc.

    I paid the money, got the current versions and have been extremely dissatisfied with all three of these products, in case you haven't already ascertained that.

    I'll be more positive when the products work as advertised.
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    I have to agree with TreoBill, none have been as stable as I have hoped. Personally I like the design of CallShield the best if only you could rearrange the order better by dragging them up or down.

    This is not to disrespect all the work they have done but I have one major concern. My recent issue with CallShield of late has been that development has gone to a grinding halt. The MantraGroup is working on new apps while their current product is still a bit unstable while it touches two of the most critical pieces of your Treo (phone and SMS). I understand new products mean new revenue but it seems to have thinned their development staff quite a bit. Having said that, I still like their product the best so far as all of the apps mentioned are still a bit buggy.
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    I'm telling you guys....hang on for the next version of CallFilter. It is as much of a quantum leap forward as the original program was when CallFilter spawned this category of software. VWare is quietly "at it." You'll be amazed.

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    ^^^ It may be amazing and hey I will definately have a look, but it is hard for people to quietly wait for a product that has been promissed for months, and we still aren't even allowed to know what the new features will be!
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    The folks at TheMantraGroup won't respond to any support inquiries. VWare is very responsive and I'm patiently awaiting his release. The LightWav support person has also been responsive, though unclear in communicating if and when an updated version is to be released.

    Personally, I'm giving the LightWav and CallShield guys until June 30 before I decide to formally ask for a refund from them directly, or through PalmGear, whichever is appropriate.

    I don't like paying money for stuff that doesn't do what it's advertised to do.
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    Be patient,

    The new version is fantastic, a leap above the others and it works with the new Sprint update 1.20. Vware is polishing it off. Trust me it is worth the wait.

    Btw, the current version of Callfilter is compatable with the Sprint update 1.20. I had no problems.
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    The advertised website,, does not list CallFilter on any of their Product or Support pages. Is it an official release from that company or what?

    I can understand the developer wanting to keep a low profile since he has another job and a family, but I think the product should at least have an official home page where customers who payed the $30 can go to see if there are updates, get docs, faqs and support.

    Can those of you who seem to be in touch with the developer please pass on this feedback?


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    Yeah, I emailed maker of callfilter too... Tired of hearing how "GREAT" the next vers will be... well.. what is new.. when will it be out!!.. Why should I wait for something that even the developer has not responded about.. not a wise bus. decision.. as he will invariably lose business to other deveopers programs... SO< at least throw us a bone... and if he wants our business.. he will.
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    The reason you don't hear from VWare is because his ideas got ripped off immediately after his initial release. This very thread comparing competing products is what he wants to avoid! He's been working his tail off on some awesome innovations, which I have been enjoying first hand. The current version is ready for release. However, I have a feeling he'll spend just a little bit longer on it because there are two more brilliant ideas in his pipeline. But frankly the existing version is already a quantum leap forward on the others. You'll see!

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    as u know.. a program is NEVER complete..hence we have upgrades...but right now the current vers isn't offering much over the why not release what u got over the comp now then release the rest as upgrades..heck..obviously the comp aren't doin sqat with they already got... u can work a program forever..but don't mean sqat if it aint avail. all I want is a realistic release date.. got my $ ready.. but hard to wait on promises. given for someone else...
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    BTW ami the only one noticing and the support email adress a dead link? are we to wait for this "ultimate" revision to obviously not get support with?.. at least you can get AHOLD OF the IRS even though they aren't any help!!!
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    Be patient 2008 isn't far away
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