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    Does anyone know of any sound effect type midi files I could download as ringtones? There are several "ring ring" type sounds but I'm after more interesting things like the birdsong built in ringtone/alert on the T600.

    I know I could record and set up an MP3 of anything as a ringtone - I've done this using Butler and PocketTunes before but I tend to switch SD card or put a whole new set of music on there and forget to leave behind the ringtone one, so that's not much of a solution.

    Every search I try for midi files using google tends to lead me back to heaps of pop tunes or classical music. So I'd be grateful if anyone has pointers.
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    Checkout the ringtones available at TreoBits (link in my signature). There is a non-music category that might have what you want.
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    They're the similar to the sort of thing I'm after but nothing took my fancy. I'd like other versions of birdsong, something that sounds like bubbling or dripping water, a cuckoo sound - that kind of thing. I would have thought midi would be capable of doing this.
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    You might want to take a look at 3gupload . They have quite a few ringtones and the site is free.

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