have u guys tried palm puke ?
it changes the sound for your SD in and SD out .. really cool..

so therefore i was wondering if someone can develop a global system sound changer than can change sounds for all type :

1. SD in / out (palmpuke)
2. Network Login / Logout (would be cool, imagine in lift.. your phone goes "ARGHHHH NO SIGNAL.wav" isnt that cool

3. Error messages sounds. (popup and etc.)
4. Call dropped sounds.
5. the silet "pop pop" while navigating using 5-way-nav

please some developors palm puke developer maybe .. coz its amazing how palmpuke can implement a wav-alike file directly in the .prc without playing it using pocket tunes or any media player ... which IMO doesnt use more resource of the treo (opening ptunes) ..

palmpuke developer .. i hope ur reading this