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    Hey all,

    This may be an old question, but as I'm new here I hope I'll be forgiven and pointed in the right direction.

    I've been playing with a few apps and then deleted them after deciding they weren't for me. Ever since then I've been getting performance problems (mostly slowness, but also when the the lid is closed it keeps turning itself on and off - which kills the battery quicker than I'm used to).

    Is anyone aware of a way to check for redundant files and deleting them. I'm not sure this will fix my problem completely, but it may be a start.

    Thanks in advance.


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    In case anyone is interested, I found the solution to my problem in another thread about a 180 that was having the same sort of problem. The cause was an incomplete SMS message sitting in "Pending".

    It's always the simple things...


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    Sounds like my wife's laptop. She had a screen saver installed and when uninstalled, registry and other areas were not properly changed by the uninstaller. Ran slower. Click an icon or whatever and 10-15 seconds passed before something would happen. Oh, well.
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    You want a freeware program called Filez by nosleep software. It will give you a full acounting of all of the files on your pda so you can delete the offending apps.
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    EXCELLENT! Although I've fixed the original problem I still like the idea of doing a clean up - and freeware is my kind of price.

    Sorry I've been so long in replying - I've only just checked back here after having given up.



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