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    I own Snappermail. When I attempt to open a jpeg with the camera I get the white screen (old days computer blue screen) of death and have to do a reset. When I save it to my card and open the camera it does not see the file.

    Whats the best way to open a jpeg or gif email attachment? Thanks.
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    I used to be able to open attached images in SnapperMail with both Camera and JpegWatchLite. After updating to Treo600-1.12-ROW I am unable to open the images with Camera. Treo resets itself every time I try to open an image with Camera. On the other hand JpegWatchLite works fine. Anyone else experienced that? By the way, Camera by itself seems to be working fine.
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    i use splashphoto to open up images from emails from snapper. they have a great "preview" interface. I use resco photo viewer to manage all my photos on internal and SD memory.
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    I am having the same problem with Snappermail after the 1.2 update. I can't open jpegs in the 'Pictures' app nor can I install sound files. RESET!!!!

    However, everything works fine with the new 'Mail' app.
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    I reinstalled SnapperMail and the problem persists as before. When trying to view an attached image with Camera, Treo resets itself. JpegWatchLite works as before. I noticed another problem. My Quickoffice programs needed to be reinstalled to work correctly after the upgrade to 1.12-ROW. I was asked for the registration code, but the code I had would not get accepted. Fortunately, reinstalling fixed this one. I hoped that reinstalling SnapperMail would do the trick too.
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    I contacted SnapperMail about the problem with Camera resetting Treo when trying to open jpeg attachemnt within SnapperMail. They are aware of the problem. Apparently, it has do do with changes to the Camera software during the upgrade. It seems that it is general problem; besides 1.12-ROW update, it has been replicated on the updated Sprint Treos. The solution is to use JpegWatchLite or something similar to open jpeg attachments within SnapperMail.
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    Are they planning to fix it within SnapperMail?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpwaters
    Are they planning to fix it within SnapperMail?
    Try myAlbum. it works great with exchanager manager and email clients.
    also, if you want winzip compatible then have a look at Lightnzip. both are on
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    The note from SnapperMail Tech Support implied that since the problem was with Camera, those that created the Update should fix it. Oh, well! Ultimately, PalmOne is behind all the updates - both GSM and Sprint. They have done something to the Camera; they should fix it.

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