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    So I am about 10 days into my relationship with my 600, and I am starting to fine tune things. I purchased a OEM leather case from eBay as well as a few other items. I, as well as many of you, am drulling over the vaja case and am tempted daily to order it.

    Here's my question, in my perfect world, I would like to have the Vaja (or similar slim form fitting case) w/o belt clip, and use it in combination with either a covertec or other horizontal belt case. I like the "close to hip" nature of the horizontal cases, but feel I need the protection of a leather case...just in case.

    Does anyone use this combination? Does anyone with a Vaja think that it would fit into a Horizontal case? Am I just nuts...?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have the Vaja I-Volution, but don't have the horizontal case. So I am not sure if it will fit. However, have you thought about the horizontal case with the eGrips? The eGrips will not provide the same protection as the Vaja case...but it is an idea.
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