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    I have 2 empty folders on my SD card named "myReceivedFiles" and "audio".
    What are they for? Can I delete them? Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtreouser
    I have 2 empty folders on my SD card named "myReceivedFiles" and "audio".
    What are they for? Can I delete them? Thanks in advance.
    You've installed something that created the folders. Since installation you have probably not used the app, or have used it but not saved anything; hence my rec'd files.

    Same thing applies to the audio folder. Since they are both showing as empty, it is safe to delete/remove them. Whatever app installed the folders will do so again when you use it and want to save.
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    Unlike the RAM of your handheld, SD and MMC cards have a file system.

    A good way to explore it is using FileZ from

    Some useful directories to know about:

    /Audio is often where your MP3s will be stored by a HotSync
    /DCIM is where images are stored by cameras and if you HotSync them to the card
    /PALM holds the most useful subdirectories
    For example/PALM/Launcher is the place to drop files that you want to install to your handheld. PRC files dropped here will be visible to the Applications Launcher in the SD Card category.
    /Palm/DCIS - some applications store images here
    /Palm/Backup - BackupBuddy drops its files in this folder
    /Palm/Audio - some MP3 players want files to be here
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    Thank you Poryphyron and Scandalex for the quick reply. That's good info to know. I have music encoded in OGG, and they are in the root directory of my SD card. I suppose only mp3's go into the audio folder and not OGG.
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    Some MP3 players insist upon certain folders but most are flexible - you simply navigate to the folder. They usually expect \Audio.
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    The folders created by the various apps seem to me to be conforming to the standard usage of sd cards in general by any device.

    my stand-alone casio exilim camera creates a folder called DCIM just as the treo's camera does.
    My player creates a directory ...whose name I no longer remember since I stopped using it since I got the treo...perhaps "audible", and the audible player app for the treo creates a similar directory.

    I beleive it's simply a common scheme among anything that uses a sd card at all (with the possible exception of mp3 players) for the various devices (and in this case various apps) to use their own directories so that you can plug the same sd card into various devices and they won't all create data files in a big mixed pile in the root directory. I think it's entirely sensible and worth accepting the slight loss of control from having the apps use directory names of their choosing and recreating them even if you delete them.

    It's especially good when more than one device of the same type happens to aggree on a directory name, such as DCIM from both my stand-alone camera and my treo's camera app. I can take shots on the treo and view them on the camera, or vice versa.
    Yet at the same time I never have to pick jpegs out from audio files or text documents or executables.

    I just wish the *^#@ audible player were as convenient. Files stored on a mmc chip via the audible otis can not be played by the palmos audible player app, nor vice-versa.
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