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    I have had a few times when I drop a call and get the Sprint message "Network signal lost". But, I've been talking to someone or leaving a long message and don't realize I lost the signal. I use a utility to turn off the screen to save battery life, so I don't see the visible screen alert. Anyone know of a utility that provides audible alerts to notify you if a call is dropped during a conversation? Also, I'd be interested in a utility that changes the LED color during conversations and back to green when call disconnects. That way, I don't have to turn the screen back on to know the call has actually hung up (or if I need to do it manually). Anyone know if these exist? I've searched the archives under every search term combo I can think of to no avail. Thanks!
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    i wish theres util for treo600 that alerts an audible beep when call is connected .. (not when picked up, on ringing)

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