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    After installing AT&T F.W. I have two new icons on App. page - one called "D.C." and one called "Appinflater". Can anyone tell me what these do? Thanks.
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    havent heard of those, what do they do....

    sounds like the updater didnt delete all the files for some reason

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    Any thoughts of what I should do? Should I run the update again. Also, I just noted that my memory is almost completely full. Thanks

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    I would delete them, I believe they are part of the updater.
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    Since the new apps only took up a small amount of space, and for whatever reason the update had filled up my memory, I went ahead and did a hard re-set and just got rid of the update. I guess I'll wait to try again until the smarter people on this site figure out how to get the bugs out.

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