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    I have been looking at some of the new PDA's coming out, I especially like the Sony TH-55 (is it "TH" or what?) The point is, does anyone else use a Treo and another handheld (whether Palm OS or not.) And if you do, why? and how do you work the two?

    Just curious...
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    WTF would anyone do that? Seriously think about it.
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    Why yes, people do!!!! I also use a T-3 for GPS use, along with a Bluetooth mousse. When on the LA freeways, my T-3 is using GPS, and my Treo is collecting live traffic maps.......I love technology!
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    I use a Treo 600 and my previously acquired Sony Clie NZ90. The Sony meets my need for document storage (large screen, high color resolution and 1MB memory stick), especially using Repligo, voice recording, photos and movies (higher quality) and voice recording (Though I can now voice record on the Treo after my successful firmware/software upgrade). The Treo is in my pocket and the Sony is in my briefcase.
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    I used a Sony UX50 before I got my Treo 600.

    I don't use the UX50 much anymore. Actually im going to sell it soon.
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    I currently use my Treo as well as the Dell Axim I bought 1 1/2 years ago. And does that Dell seem huge now.

    Buying the Treo allowed me to simplify what I normally carry, since I was carrying both a phone and a handheld before. Now, I normally leave the Dell in the car, and just carry the Treo.

    The Dell still does a better job for my spreadsheets, since P Excel is faster, as well as having a much better screen for books. The Treo has internet, though, and is easier to carry.
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    of course, many of us do. i happen to use a verizon samsung 530s for voice (best coverage in the industry, don't let anyone try and tell u otherwise), a blackberry 7210 should i need email on the fly (usually for lunch hours and the like), and my wonderful TREO 600 from Sprint for anytime i want, because i can.

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    I still carry three units with me everyday; Treo600 (Networks: Rogers for voice and Fido for data), Blackberry 957 (push email and stock alerts), and a alphanumeric pager (work).
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    Count me in, I have the T|600, a T|3 and I am seriously leaning towards Clie UX50 or the TH-55. I got the T|3 for several reasons, one being that it has bluetooth and the 600 doesnt. I'm looking at the Clie's now because I realllllllly do want Wi-Fi and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out on waiting for whomever is making the drivers to get their collective sh1t together ;D
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    treo 600 gsm and ipaq 4155
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    Ok I guess I am the one with the "Problem". I own a Tungsten T2, a Treo 600 and an Ique 3600 (Palm Based GPS). I use them all for different things. The Ique for travelling, the T2 for when I don't use the T600 and carry another phone and the t600 for most of the time. Technically I have a Ipaq also (work purchased and used for programming some controllers I work with) I have an understanding wife too (that helps!). T600 is best all around IMHO. The others serve a niche for me.

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    I have had palms since the beginning and they still work!

    So I have many attachments that fit the old style interface. Some of them are the Weather forecaster, Compass, Automotive OBDII plug, and of course the GPS unit. The unit that I use them with is the PalmIIIC. And I still use it weekly. My treo 600 is a little less connected to attachments because of the weak serial/usb interface. But the treo still keeps me busy with all sorts of neat software and internet capability. My 2hr daily train ride allows me to get my work email done in the morning and the evening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NDPTAL85
    WTF would anyone do that? Seriously think about it.
    [ Hey NDPTAL85 - is that a variant of WTFMF ? ]

    the phoenix - I still use 3
    • Treo 600 - Primary - Love it! (every day)
    • Garmin iQue 3600 - Great GPS w/ 320x480 Display (every day)
      • Great PC Software w/WORLD map
      • Excellent PDA for Graffiti inputing + Address "map find"
    • Tungsten C - WiFi Browser w/320x320
      • Travel to locations where can't connect for data via Sprint.
      • WiFi "finder"
      • Will use to test, before I'll get out my laptop.
    • Sprint AirPrime 3220 Laptop Card Bus PCMCIA
    • Verizon AirPrime 5200 1xEV-DO Laptop Card Bus PCMCIA
    • Orinco 802.11 A/B/G
    Attached pics:
    • Truck interior shows 2 units in typical use
    • Truck Exterior - notice Mag-Mount Antenna for Laptop Data Cards
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I use my Sprint Treo 600 for work, messaging, paging, contact, and calendaring. Also, use for "emergency" SSH/VPN connectivity to my Servers etc.

    Also I use an iPaq 2210 for Bluetooth GPS (Navman 4400) and a bunch of networking tools. Also, movie/Realmedia and .mp3 playback is much better on the 2210 than the Treo.

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