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    So, what is the bottom line? Is it possible to use the SPrint Treo 600 in foreign countries to log on to local networks to make local call, or use calling cards to get to call the US? Sprint says phone is not GSM. Does this mean that this setup is impossible? I have read posts on unlocking, but don't know if this is what I need to do, and if it's possible with a Sprint phone. Any help greatly appreciated, as need to travel soon.

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    unless you go to a country like Australia or Japan where they have CDMA, yes - it's impossible.
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    The only foreign places I have used a Treo 600 CDMA are in Hong Kong and Canada. Both only allowed only voice calls. You can pretty much forget use anywhere else. Sprint has a good program to rent you a GSM phone while you are traveling and they forward your number to the GSM while you are international.
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    Until Sprint starts using multiband with R-UIM, not possible..
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