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    I have been using Beyond Contacts on my Treo 600, but in order to use some of the various features of the phone, it is necessary to also sync my Outlook contacts into the native contact database.

    Stupid question: Other than off the Phone screen using the 5-way navigation button and pressing down, how can I get into the native contact database? I see icons for all of the other phone apps listed in the Apps screen which comes up when you hit the home button, but no evidence of the contact app.

    The reason I ask is that sometimes the way that the search function works is not helpful. An example is when you enter a company into your Contact list but do not remember to make sure that the full company name is placed into the Last Name field of the contact record. If you do this, then typing the first few letters of the company name will locate the record. If you don't do this, often you will be unable to access the record other than by entering the contacts app and then scrolling down screen by screen until you get to the right section of the contact list.

    I assume the native contact app, if I could find it, gives other access to the entries other than being forced to do a search in this way. I just can't figure out how to run it from the app menu.

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    Thanks for that pointer and to Cyril for the app I found there...

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