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    Hi all,

    I wonder how often can / should I charge my treo600?

    I have seen a post I could chage my treo as many as I want to.

    If the light turns to green, should I unplug the charger?

    I keep charging my treo whenever I can / come to my computer desk thou.

    Would it hurt the battery?

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    FWIW, I usually leave mine in the charging cradle over night on most weeknights. On weekends, when I don't use it much, I may go the whole weekend on a single charge and just charge it on Sunday night.
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    thanks. i guess it is alright to plug the charge to my treo as often as i want then.
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    The following is from the Treo User Guide PDF that came with my OUK treo...

    Maximizing battery life:

    You can increase the life of your Treo battery by following a few easy
    guidelines. Remember that battery life depends on how you use your Treo.
    • Charge your Treo whenever you’re at your desk. The Li-Ion battery in your
    Treo has a much longer useful life when it is topped offfrequently, versus
    charging it after it is fully drained.

    The rest of the bullet points talk about turning off your screen etc- i.e. stretching the life of one charge, so I'm not exactly sure how the above point is meant to be taken
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    Thanks Tommy. I think I read that from the printer user guide as well.

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