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    But I didn't pay 600$ for hassle shi* and not for a refurb. lol will tell u what happens.
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    Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed by either of the two updates PalmOne has released? Has this been tried or confirmed? My Treo doesn't have the problem, but I know someone who does, and I know he doesn't have the updates.
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    My theory is that the Signal Search problem is associated with the battery.

    I know this because the phone functions well when it is pugged into the AC. It even works well when the signal strength is at one bar. When I unplug the phone from AC to Battery, (from the same location) I get the Signal Search problem. It works well when I am at 3 bars or better on battery.

    I am going to order a new battery from or some other company and replace the battery myself.

    Can anyone confirm my theroy? or my assumptions?
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    Crowza if you read my post on Handspring treo 600 vs Palm1 treo 600 you will see I had the same problem. The soulution is to take you phone to a sprint store and do a swap. Sprint cant fix your phone and dont let anyone tell you that they can. In fact the techs in the sprint store are told to just replace the phone. If there is not a Sprint store in your area let me no and we can work something out. I live about 40 minutes from you and I can take you to the sprint store where I took my phone to get it swapped.
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    I was right about the battery.

    If you have this same problem, you should take your phone back to the Sprint store. In my situation the phone was a hand-me-down and I was not coverd by warrenty. (to be honest, I never tried to get it replaced).
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