I took my phone up to Sprint to have it tested today because my battery can't seem to hold a charge lately and I have been dropping calls left and right. (It went from 100% to 54% in 2.5 hrs this morning, which is pretty typical of how it has been acting the past two weeks.) The phone passed the HP test. The technician came out and talked to me. First he said I had the wrong software (I have 1.2 loaded) and then he asked me to explain exactly how my phone was behaving. I went through it again and told him about the 1.2 Sprint updater. He then looked at me and said, "You know, I bet you know more about this phone than me. I don't know what to do" so he had one of the CSR's order me a new phone. I'm feeling a little funny about it because my phone did not fail the test and the new PalmOne units are not without their quirks. But on the other hand, I have put up with a buzzy earpiece for many months and call dropping for a few weeks so hopefully this will be the right thing to do.