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    I'm a frustrated AT&T One-rate customer, using my Mototola V60 while patiently waiting for Verizon to offer the Treo 600 (610?).

    BUT, I'm going to be in Alaska for several weeks in late June and July and the requirements of that trip alone would justify getting someone else's T600 - depending on the extent of data coverage it offered.

    Anyone using - or have used - a Treo 600 in Alaska? Which provider did you use? How was the coverage? I'll be in Anchorage but also down toward Whittier and in the Talkeetna area.
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    Was in Anchorage/Whittier 3 weeks ago. My provider was Sprint. The coverage was quite bad, and I had to turn off roaming just to get a Sprint signal otherwise it would always chose the roaming signal. Apparently Sprint Vision (data) is not offered in Anchorage. Everytime I would try to connect I would get an Error 3000: Data not available in this area. Outside of Anchorage (Girdwood,Whittier) the coverage wasn't there.
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    Awful reception. I used land lines and a satellite phone which was a little dicey on the boat.
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    Thanks guys. As always, TreoCentral-ites have been there (wherever "there" is) and have the information we need.

    And I will be on a boat for six days so a satphone might be the only alternative during that period.

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