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    This came out yesterday from SanDisk:

    I would probably be the first person on the waiting list, but it looks like once again it's not going to come with Palm drivers. It does seem to have the low-power hardware requirement that many people feared would permanently exclude the Treo 600 from wi-fi. That's if it's low-power enough I suppose.
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    ya know if it would be worth anything id post here saying our bounty could be up for a wifi driver to be developed, but several threads have claimed that it is not possible on the treo 600.
    it would fry the unit, I've heard.
    but I don't know for sure.
    id sure love to have wifi as well.
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    Be tough to file that puppy down!
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    I don't think a bounty could hurt. I'd be one of the firsts to contribute. If it's not possible and explained by an electrical engineer why it's so then fine. What I read though is that they take too much power for the power slot. That was based on the older wi-fi cards and not these newer low-power ones. I'm guessing these newer ones were created to break down that limitation. On the plus side, Palm or San Disk is releasing drivers for the Zire 71, see another recent thread I started.

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