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    I installed TextPlus and whenever I enter the website URL to the default web browser, or to Web Pro 3.5, Treo600 gets reset it.

    i disabled the TextPlus and seems it works. any ways to make the textplus working without resetting the treo600 itself when it uses in the Web Browser apps?

    thanks in advance
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    I had to go into TextPlus and selectively disable it for the Blazer browser (look in the TextPlus preferences on how to do this). I'm not sure how to get TextPlus to play nice with those browsers, which is kind of disappointing.
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    thanks. i am going to try it out.
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    tried.. i needed to uncheck "all applications", then selectively select the apps i want to use with TextPlus.

    thanks for ur reply again
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    Now, if I were the TextPlus developers, I'd change the model to "Select the applications for which TextPlus should be disabled", instead of "Select the applications for which TextPlus should be enabled". That is, I want TextPlus to be on all the time except for those applications it causes to crash. The way it is now, each time I install a new application on my Treo, I have to remember to go to TextPlus and enable TextPlus for the new application. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things I guess.
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    i agree with you. if you want to disbale 1 app out of 50 apps you installed, you would have to uncheck the "all apps" checkbox, and check 49 apps checkbox. the other way, as you described, is a better way to handle it.
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    I uncheked WEB in TextPlus and still have the reset problem! I guess I have to just check it for the apps for which I want TextPlus -- which, ironically, would include WEB

    To a know-nothing like myself, it seems if I uncheck it for WEB, the crashing would go away. But, what do I know?
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